Growing up, I was always surrounded by books and people who love books. One of my favourite times of the day was listening to a bedtime story, often read by my Dad, who was brilliant at reading books and telling his own stories. When we were not reading stories, we singing or making up rhymes and riddles!!

Since I qualified as a teacher in 2008, I have become a specialist at teaching reading. It is such a rewarding subject to teach and it opens doors for children and sets them on their path for life. My eleven years of teaching a range of primary aged children has reinforced the importance of what parents do with their children in the years, before they come to school. Teachers need children to have solid foundations on which they can build further learning. There is a significant gap between children who have been read to on daily basis and those who have not. From my experience, children who love books really do excel at school and I do believe it is possible to read your way to a better life!

Since becoming a parent, I have had the privilege of experiencing this first hand with my little boy, effectively being a teacher to a baby, toddler and pre schooler. I have spent the past three years of his life reading daily with him and seeing his language and vocabulary blossom! I also understand how special it is to share a book with your own child and I believe story-time promotes wellbeing, which is so important in our hectic, modern day lives. It is also the best time to make memories for your children that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

This, I guess, is how Story Station was founded. By merging my teaching and parenting experiences, my aim is support and empower other parents to get the most out of stories, books and reading. By bringing stories to life, we are feeding our little people’s imaginations and nurturing within them a love books and reading! 

Story Station offers a blog full of free ideas about how to make the most of books with your little people, based on the most current research in education and parenting. Story Station also provides bespoke book bundles which make a wonderful and personalised gift. Later in the year, we will also be providing story sessions within the local community so… watch this space.

Natalie x           


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