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As many of you will know, I do my very best to be environmentally conscious both with my business and also at home. I really want my little dude to grow up noticing and appreciating our beautiful planet. I’d also like him to play his part in taking care of it now, and as he continues to grow up.

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Research suggests that environmental life experiences should begin during the very earliest years of life. Such experiences play a really important role in shaping lifelong attitudes and values towards the natural world. Children who spend time with nature are more likely to care for the environment.

There is also a lot of research to suggest that spending time with nature reduces stress, improves our physical and mental health. It also increases creativity, builds self-esteem, and encourages co-operation, collaboration and self-regulation. As a family, we love to spend time outdoors, exploring the woods on foot or by bike, walking our pup, Piper, and playing on the beach.

Here are some simple things you can do to nurture a nature-loving child.

  • Explore your local green spaces. There’s no such thing as ‘ideal weather’ just ‘ideal clothing’.
  • Encourage your little one to play with rocks, logs, sticks and stones. There is so much fun to be had!
  • Dig in soil, wade in water, pick up sticks, roll in the grass and jump in muddy puddles. The last one is our personal favourite.
  • Watch and notice wildlife and nature. We are loving spotting hares on our walks at the minute and even saw two deer last week!
  • Use all of your senses as you explore- smell flowers, listen the rain, feel the grass and the earth beneath your feet!
  • Notice and enjoy the change in each season. They are all so beautiful in their own way!
  • Get to know the plants, birds, insects that live in your garden.
  • Share and enjoy books about nature, plants and animals. The “Down To Earth” bundle is the ideal place to start!

Children who are close to nature relate to it as a source of wonder, joy, and awe. This collection of picture books will support their natural inquisitiveness for the world around them. They will also help your little ones to better understand our planet and learn how to help take care of it.

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Alongside enjoying the stories within the “Down to Earth” bundle, I have added some nature-inspired learn and play ideas for you to enjoy with your littles one. Download them here for free.

Down to Earth Learn and Play Ideas

If you’re looking for more environment-themed books to share with your little ones, check out the “Understanding Plastic” bundle. These perfectly paired, non-fiction picture books are ideal for readers who love nature and want to help the environment. They will teach your little ones everything they need to know about plastic!

I’m trying really hard to make my small business as eco friendly as possible so any book bundle you receive will be packaged with the environment in mind! I use cardboard, brown paper, paper tape and string for the outer packaging of my bundles. The tissue paper I use to wrap the books in is acid-free and made from recyclable materials. You can chose to reuse it for crafts at home but if you’d rather not, it’s 100% recyclable! The Story Station sticker is not recyclable BUT I always enclose an activity to inspire you to reuse it with your little ones. I’m not doing everything perfectly but I am trying, which I think is the most important thing and I try and keep that mindset at home as well.

Happy reading, playing and learning! If you take any pictures of your little people enjoying their “Down to Earth” books or the nature-inspired activities then do tag @storystaion3 on Facebook or Instagram as I would love to see them.

Natalie x

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