“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” Learn and Play Ideas

I’ve been inspired by all the teddy bears I’ve seen on our daily walks  so “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt” seemed like an excellent story to base our learn and play ideas on for the next few weeks. In our lovely village, so many people have placed a teddy bear in their windows for children to look out for on their daily exercise. It’s such a simple thing but is really uplifting, especially for our little ones who are adapting so well to life in lockdown. My little dude is loving life at home so far and has only asked about his pre school (which he adores) a couple of times. In recent weeks, however, I have noticed he’s asking many more questions about the future, which shows he feels uncertain and a little worried. The power of people coming together in times like these cannot be underestimated and I am so grateful to the people who came up with the teddy bear hunt, and rainbow idea! We’ve loved spotting them in windows and counting the rainbows and bears! If you haven’t done so already, do check out the rainbow-themed learn and play ideas in one of my previous blogs, which are based on the very colourful story “Mixed”.



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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Michael Rosen’s “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt” is a timeless classic, which has been a firm family favourite since it was first published in 1989. It was made to be read aloud and the repetition enables children to join in easily and pick up the language in the story quickly. We’re huge fans of being outdoors and love a meander, or cycle, in the countryside where we live! Like many other families I’m sure, we often put on our wellies, bobble hats, scarves and coats and recite parts of the story as we encounter long swishy-swashy grass, splisyh sploshy rivers and thick oozy mud – squelch squerch! Being in nature is so important for my own wellbeing and it is the place I feel most relaxed and mindful, making this story an absolute favourite in our house!

I do hope you enjoy the learn and play ideas I have put together for this story, which you can download here along with the attached free printables.

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt Learn and Play Ideas

There are so many different activities to enjoy, which cover a range of different curriculum areas. I’ve included a couple of factsheets about bears and hibernation in this pack and I’d love to hear what you and your little ones think of them. In the past I’ve often steered away from sharing too many scientific facts with my little dude, thinking he’s a little young and the facts are quite grown up. However this was totally underestimating him! He is so interested in animals and loves finding out facts about them. He particularly enjoyed the “Tremendous Tiger Facts” which are part of “The Tiger Who Came To Tea” Book Bundle. He remembered, and recited, many of the facts to his Daddy and used the facts when he dressed up as the tiger from from the story, saying he could only eat meat as that’s what real tigers eat!

I know that many of you who follow my page and subscribe to my blog have young babies and “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt” is a super story to share with tiny ones, as well as toddlers, pre schoolers and older children alike. With that in mind, I have included some learn and play ideas with are suitable for babies and very young children. For example, they will love hearing the story with extra sound effects. They will also enjoy hearing the well known “round and round the garden” rhyme after sharing the story, which is great for their language development! Finally, making a bear hand print piece of art work with them is a great sensory activity for babies and will make a lovely keepsake for you in the future!

Another favourite bear-themed story of ours is “I’m the Biggest Bear in the Wood”. I wanted to mention it as part of this blog because it’s great to enjoy stories with similar themes and talk to your little ones about what the different stories have in common and how they differ. We’ve been enjoying this book for many years so it’s suitable for very young children as well as pre schoolers. Like “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, it contains lots of repetitive language, making it easy for little ones to join in! I have included a Mathematics activity in this pack which was inspired by this story. This book introduces children to the language of comparison as they find bears of all different sizes in the woods. It’s also a lovely story about difference and friendship!

The Biggest Bear in the Wood

Do let me know what you think to the “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ learn and play ideas by leaving a comment or writing a review. If you take any pictures of your little people enjoying the Story Station activities then do tag @storystaion3 on Facebook or Instagram as I would love to see them.

If you’re looking for other natured-themed books, do check out my “Down To Earth” book bundle for other beautiful titles.

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In the meantime, happy reading, playing, learning AND bear hunting!!

Natalie x

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