Story Baskets

Story Baskets are a really simple and effective way to bring a story to life. They can make a story more meaningful for little people because they ‘hands on’ play and learning opportunities linked to their favourite stories which offer hours of fun!

Story baskets can be as simple or complex as you’d like to make them. They can take a few minutes…or a few hours to prepare depending how much time you have to spend on creating one. They can be as creative or as basic as you’d like. Whatever you manage to put together, one thing is for sure, your little people will people will love it!

As I am working, setting up a business and trying to enjoy precious time with my little dude, I need ideas which are simple, quick but effective.

Here are some of the things which I often fill our story basket with:

  • A copy of the book
  • Story-related props
  • Soft toys
  • Small world toys
  • Natural materials from our garden

You can use a story basket in so many different ways. You can use the items in your basket to tell the story without the book. You can also use it to get your little people to help you tell the story as you read it. Once they get to know a story really well, you can encourage them to tell the story using the contents of the story basket. To begin with, you will need to show your little people how to use it, share and model the ideas I have listed above. Eventually, they will start to take the lead and just follow their lead and let their imaginations take them wherever they want to go!

Do leave your story basket out where possible for a good length of time to allow your little people to play with it whenever they fancy! Honestly, it will provide them with hours of entertainment and it will do wonders for their literacy development which is win win!!

Please do share any pictures you take of your story baskets after you have made them as I would love to see them. Either add the pictures as a comment below or tag storystation3 on Facebook or Instagram.

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