Books make the best gifts

Picture of a girl reading a book she has been gifted.

It’s no surprise that I absolutely love books but I also think they make the best gifts for any occasion whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or as an alternative to an Easter Egg!

Here are the reasons why…

  • Buying a book as a gift shows thought.
  • Books are great value for money, they don’t cost the earth but can be enjoyed over and over again.
  • On a more practical note, they are good value for money, easy to wrap (which is a huge plus for me as I am useless at wrapping) and they are portable.
  • Books develop children’s language, vocabulary and knowledge.
  • A book is a gift that lasts forever.
  • Books are really easy to personalise. Make it extra special gift by adding a message on the inside cover and include the year the gift was bought!
  • Books make an environmentally friendly gift because they can be re-gifted and passed on between friends and families should you they no longer have a place on your bookshelf.
  • Books make a mindful gift, often enjoyed during some such needed downtime.
  • Books help us to create memories because of the people we’ve enjoyed them with.

So if you’re looking for a gift for someone and you’re not sure what to buy, head to a bookshop. Do check out my online bookstore as well because I am working on some great bundles which would make a lovely gift for that special little person in your life!

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